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Nouveau ! La mère Zaclys invente la régie alternative

What is it ? A phase governed with our operating principles and our philosophy: open to all, not just oriented advertising. Here's how it works.

Direct access : click here


Firstly, why put the pub on Zaclys? Primarily to help pay the costs of servers and finance access to our services to those who can not join the association.

With services Album, Cloud, Mail, etc ... that are proposed, you have a lot of servers, more powerful, more expensive, and the mother Zaclys we have 2 approaches:

1 / For members it is the annual membership dues that finance these costs, and the mother Zaclys monthly manages the balance between contributions and accommodation costs, with no debt and no credit investment.
The more members there are, the more waiters there are, and the more dues there are to pay for them ... that's the reasonable balance that's been sought, and it's been working very well for a number of years.

It is ad-free for our members, as explained on our membership page, and it will not change.

2 / But the mother Zaclys also aims to provide access to these services to those who can not (or will not) join the association. Because our commitment is to make known all these tools and plebiscite, to allow everyone to use alternative services, simple, free, hosted in France in compliance with your data and your privacy. And to fund the accommodation costs of our users are not members, the principle is simple and has not changed since the beginning: we display their advertising banners on the site.

But the current advertising (Adsense and Amazon) finances a small part of the budget compared to your donations and contributions, these boards are very far from our ethical and yield little. We thus sought an alternative.

Because it's been a dream that one replace traditional pub bands, something else that suits us ... but what? We did find: your own headbands PRICE YOU WANT! for the promotion of your beautiful artisan work, but also to express yourself, to get your message, your dedication to Roger papi, your message of love and humor, the next appointment in your cultural or sports association , etc ...

It will be fun to see these original bands and not necessarily interested (even the members will want to!), The "advertisers" give what they can, Mother Zaclys will be supported by people who share his philosophy. Everyone will gain.

So do not waste a moment, come and tell us about your wish to create your banner: click here

The principle is simple :

  • The donation is for 1 month via donation page of the amount you want
  • Your banner will be published on the site at locations where banners are the current (album, sending, tricks and soon webcloud)
  • In a principle of equality, this is not the one giving the most happening in the first, one makes a rotation among all advertisers with a complex algo that favors past bands that are less than others
  • You can follow your audience (displays and clicks) directly on the main site on "My profile" / tab "Zpub"
  • On the format, it is a standard banner (as the above, in 728x90 pixels). If we can help you create your banner and you already have one, simply attach attached on the contact form (,99 ) And give us the link to the web page to be displayed when you click on the banner.


In addition,

Mother Zaclys

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  • by Bill (Zaclynaute) - 14/03/2018 19:11

    Bonjour futurdurable
    A quel type d'aide vous pensez ?

  • by futurdurable (Zaclynaute) - 11/03/2018 04:05

    Bravo pour votre travail. Nous devons plus vous aider, nous allons le faire.

  • by Bill (Zaclynaute) - 08/01/2018 14:52

    Bonjour JC TATU et Henka

    Effectivement :
    Le passage en question est donc reformulé. Merci de nous l'avoir signalé.

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