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Server Maintenance (June 21, 2017)

Since Wednesday June 21 morning we have serious disruptions on most of our services

Everything came in order on Friday 23 at 12:30!

All our apologies, this is the first big break since 2008 ...

Wednesday morning after a "classic" upgrade of a server and the migration of a dozen of our dedicated cloud servers, we had to reboot our main server ... which never left again ...

This is rare but it happens (the updates on linux can alter the boot loader Grub, and we also replace a disk SSD recently on this server, what we know now is the combination of 2 that Caused the error when restarting ...) ... in these cases there is no loss of data but the server does not start anymore.

We have several intervention procedures in these cases, which are prepared when we do the stress tests at the installation of the servers and well on this time none has solved the problem. Ya of days like that ...

Our sysadmin was on the move ... and we lost 1 day to request a helping hand from our provider OVH (no answer) to finally subscribe to the VIP support to accelerate ... they intervened this Thursday to make a Auditing the server without bringing real solutions (and we are still waiting for some technical answers to confirm scenarios of fast resumption for another time), but they have confirmed our tracks and made a hardware check (ram, cpu) which is a good thing. And now with vip support we have direct access by mail and such.

Thursday evening our sysadmin with the support of a 2nd sysadmin (Mat who recently joined us and who had taken advantage of the day to learn about zfs and grub), were able to take the hand remotely on the server (thanks ovh who Gives us very handy tools for that). We were able to fix the "boot loader" (grub zfs) and restart the server and the disks with all the data. But we still have to fix a configuration bp on partition numbers that blocks a clean start of the machine.

The 2 sysadmin have to work together tomorrow morning until 12h30 to finish this and take advantage to present to Mat the infrastructure ... Thanks to Mat for the help, we were not too much to think about the problem!

In order to answer the questions we receive, we will invest in a service with our sysadmin (which gives us volunteer help on its Free time but has a job in real life) so that he can take on his "professional" time in case of need. And we're going to expand the team with Mat who recently joined us.

Our apologies for this breakdown is the first one that has been so long since the beginning of the adventure, but we have accumulated bad luck on this one ... we also learned a lot

Thank you for your confidence and see you soon


PS: The incident tracking table is available at the bottom of the page,travaux



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Info34 reactions.

  • by Bill (Zaclynaute) - 26/06/2017 21:11

    Ca fait dans les 30Mb environ pour l'album. Ca dépend déjà de votre vitesse d'upload, vous savez elle est de combien ?

  • by XavierV (Zaclynaute) - 26/06/2017 19:22

    C'est bon maintenant pour l'album, mais c'est bizarre que ça prenne plusieurs heures, non ?

  • by XavierV (Zaclynaute) - 26/06/2017 15:09

    J'ai créé un album ce matin. J'y ai mis 200 photos de 100 à 200 Ko. Et quand je vais voir l'album, ça m'affiche toujours "en cours" ? Que puis je faire?

  • by MatthieuBarbu (Zaclynaute) - 26/06/2017 14:21

    C'était un simple redémarrage du serveur rien de grave mais cela a pris plus de temps que prévu, désolé ;)

  • by Bill (Zaclynaute) - 26/06/2017 14:20

    Bonjour cot_al
    Quelques tests d'optimisation. C'est reparti peu de temps après (quelques minutes).

  • by cot_al (non connecté) - 26/06/2017 14:07

    Toujours en panne ce lundi? time out!

  • by vertux (Zaclynaute) - 25/06/2017 09:53

    Ce qui ne te tue pas te rend plus fort ... On vous aime !

  • by tito (Zaclynaute) - 24/06/2017 08:06

    @Elixav : pour moi ça marche, mais fait une demande sur le formulaire de contact en donnant le plus de précisions possible pour qu'on puisse vérifier

    Est ce que c'est un album que tu as créé pendant la panne (entre mercredi matin et vendredi midi ) ?

    est ce que si tu crées un nouvel album çà fonctionne ?

  • by Elixav (Zaclynaute) - 23/06/2017 23:18

    Je n'arrive pas à ajouter des photos à un album. Ca n'a pas de lien ?

  • by Léopold (Zaclynaute) - 23/06/2017 21:52

    Je reste convaincu que vous êtes au top... Merci pour tout les efforts que vous faites toute l'année pour rendre votre association vivante, humaine et de qualité. Bon repos du guerrier.

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  • Overload on one of our servers on 25/1/2018

    intervention of Matt on 25/1 at the end of the day: corrected pb

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  • Small service cut on 15/1 to 13h for maintenance

    For installation of security patches due to hardware vulnerabilities on intel ...

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    Qu'est-ce donc ? Une régie en phase avec nos principes de fonctionnement et notre philosophie : accessible à tous, et pas seulement orientée publicité. Voici comment ça marche.

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  • illustration2,500

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  • Service mail, attention false mail of Zaclys in circulation

    You have been many to report an email (often written in English) that circulated this WE (December 9) to ask for your Zaclys credentials. Of course it's a scam ...

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  • Cloud service

    you had problems on our server nextcloud recently?

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  • illustrationFlash info: OVH breakdown Thursday morning 9 November

    Zaclys was inaccessible for a few hours Thursday 9/11/2017 morning because of a big power failure at OVH, our French host.

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  • New on videos on Album, app Mail on Nextcloud, and a return on some problems this week

    - album / video: we installed the latest version of ffmpeg on our "video encoder"

    - Mail app on the Nextcloud server

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  • Disturbances and service interruption on the main site this Thursday morning 19/10

    a more complicated maintenance operation than expected required a server restart

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  • It's back to school

    • Zmail
    • Nextcloud
    • Zaclys V3


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  • Thumbnails Albums and cloud clippings

    Monday 18/9/2017: a one-minute break on dedicated cloud servers (linux updates, and break on the classic cloud server (nextcloud)

    Monday and Tuesday morning: you have been several to report a problem creating thumbnails in your photo albums. It is repaired. The process is relaunched, it will take a few hours to catch up (4,200 photos)

    Thank you for your patience.

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  • 3 days available on all memberships ... and good holidays!

    • Following the Service cutback of 21 June , The association's office decided to extend all the annual membership by 3 days (you can check it in "my profile" tab "my donations")
    • Happy holidays to all, during the summer we lift the foot but we will try to meet your requests :)

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  • Nextcloud and call for collaborative document editing

    Nextcloud arrived in March at Zaclys and collaborative editions of online documents (onlyoffice) arrive ...

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  • Bank: Mother Zaclys passes on a booklet Finansol

    It was not without difficulty because it is necessary to insist that the bankers do things against heart, but the association is passed on a booklet Finansol!

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  • GnuPG

    Mother Zaclys responded yes to the GnuPG fundraising campaign with a donation of 100 euros

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  • 10,000 users on the album service!

    We will surpass the 10,000 users on this service, the opportunity of a reminder in figures of thresholds exceeded in recent months ...

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  • Service break Wednesday 14 June between 9:30 am and 12 noon

    Our host replaced a faulty SSD on our main server, this replacement had to be done without hot break but it was finally forced to stop the server 2h of time to intervene ... thank you for your understanding

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  • Cloud Service

    Nextcloud 12, Owncloud 10, Collabora online and Only office ...

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  • Service breaks this Tuesday 30 between 15:20 and 17:20

    Following a linux upgrade on our main server that went wrong ... the sysadmin lost again!

    Our apologies for the inconvenience

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  • illustrationParticipatory Financing Campaign Zaclys Tour - Balance Sheet Time

    Our first participatory fundraising campaign has just been completed. Short summary of the operation.

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  • illustrationBoost for Zaclys!

    At the key, the Zaclys' Tour / investment server (depending on the results).


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  • Mastodon arrived

    Mastodon, the alternative and free twitter arrived at the mother Zaclys ... (and 8 other actors of the collective Chatons)!

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  • illustrationAn article on the project Chatons and mother Zaclys in Le Monde

    We have not yet (taken?) Time to tell you about our adhesion to the project Chatons initiated and carried by our friends of Framasoft ...

    It is a project that we care about with an ethical charter that fits us well and that we are validating point by point on our services, much like an ISO certification :)

    And it so happens that Yves Eudes, a journalist for the daily Le Monde, recently interviewed several participants of the project across the country, including Mother Zaclys!

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  • Problem of access to the site in recent days?

    Our Firewall Has been too aggressive in recent days and has mistakenly blocked access to thousands of Internet users and search engines. The problem was corrected on Tuesday 21 March afternoon. All apologies and thank you for pointing it out.

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  • illustrationT-SHIRT ZACLYS: we have something new for you!

    CChoose your favorite Zaclys t-shirt on this great Framadate e pollT tell us how much you intend to take!

    We count on you so that we can quickly print the first t-shirts!


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  • Album Service Acceleration

    We have improved the display speed of albums (thumbnails and sleeves), tell us if you see the difference :)

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  • Offer dedicated cloud and mail server packages

    New pack available since January 2017

    Need to manage your own community of users? We offer you a cloud server and a dedicated mail server with a single intuitive web interface to manage everything without computer knowledge!

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  • Encrypted password, double SMS authentication and Nextcloud 10

    security : In the settings of your profile you can now activate the encryption password and two-factor authentication via SMS ...

    Cloud Arrival of 10 Nextcloud on dedicated test server and servers

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  • illustrationA T-shirt Zaclys!

    What visual for a t-shirt Zaclys?

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  • illustrationSurge KITTENS throughout France

    The Zaclys mother is happy to be part of the adventure KITTENS (Collective Hosts Alternative, Transparent, Open, Neutral and Solidaires) inaugurated today.

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  • Information Zaclys daily (or almost)

    Stay informed of the life of your favorite site on our social networks, and take the opportunity to make known Zaclys everywhere ... in one click.

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  • New! The blue albums of mother Zaclys

    For some months now, you know, Mother Zaclys has installed democracy at the helm of her development. And in a very simple way: each time you make a donation, you allocate its amount among the different functions most demanded by the members. So, the more you count on a project, the higher its priority.

    Today we are pleased to announce that you have been heard and that we have kept our promise. The first most popular feature has been developed and is accessible to everyone whether you are a member or not. Democracy and mutual aid. Because you do not doubt it, all in your own way, you contribute to the development of Zaclys.

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  • Picplz is no longer

    For those who do not know, picplz was also a photo sharing site on Instagram. As this message we learn on their website, picpliz definitively closed with the unfortunate result, deleting the pictures of its users. They have a period of one month to recover.

    Those of you who have trusted us since the beginning of the adventure Zaclys Album know, we come from the world of Free and Open source we born. The functioning of these communities come together and help each other to realize that no company in the world can ever do is clearly a model for us.


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  • On the way to the 100!

    Zaclys has installed its 20th dedicated server ownCloud, which aims the establishment of a "collaborative space" available to the councilors elected to Plan de Cuques.

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  • prints

    There will not be for everyone!

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  • illustrationYou are entitled to 7 email addresses @ to open one

    You were many and many to expect and demand it: for some days you can easily add multiple email addresses on your mailbox


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  • illustrationWiki comes in the site menu Zaclys, in the "test"

    So test now :)

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  • Follow us !

    Help us with a click, follow us! Social networks are essential to publicize Zaclys and alternative services, in order for the community to grow and the site continues to offer ever more, ever better.


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  • Service breaking the morning 02/24/2016

    Incident Report sysadmin team. quote:

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  • The wiki server is here!

    A key, a centralized and enjoyable helps to read and maintain for all Zaclys services.

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  • Local representatives

    Do not you think it would be good to have a small group of representatives in each region to respond to this event which we are increasingly frequently invited?

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  • Let's develop Zaclys together


    Let's use the new year to boost the ongoing projects.

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  • Happy New Year !

    What would you like for 2016?

    The mother Zaclys

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  • Happy holidays friends!

    The mother Zaclys

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  • Let's develop Zaclys together

    You are a few to offer us your help then we have created a place on the forum so that together you can:

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  • illustration:)

    Are you satisfied with the work of the Zaclys team and would like to have a drink? It is now possible ...

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  • News from the front

    - Forum : It was updated and it went under https

    - ownCloud : Test and qualify the latest version of ownCloud and apps, to note Galery that will be replaced by Galery +, you can test on the demo server and make us feedback before updating all our ownCloud servers. To recall, user: test, password: test by following this link:


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  • illustrationNew Servers

    Mother Zaclys transferred several of her services to new servers. If you notice any anomalies, please let us know by using the contact form. Thank you

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  • Problem connecting to


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  • Stream service

    You have reported several problems since the beginning of August: we have fixed several problems on the spooler which manages the reading of your RSS feeds and especially on the processing of the inactive RSS feeds that clog the queue of treatment. We have also improved thread processing to optimize the processing of 8,000 threads.

    Read more

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  • Enhanced SSL security for dedicated ownCloud servers

    We have made various security updates on the SSL configuration of Dedicated ownCloud servers .
    If you wish, you can audit your SSL configuration at any time using the reputable Qualys SSL test.

    Read more

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  • illustrationFind emails directly in your Cloud Zaclys!

    A new app has appeared in the cloud service of mother Zaclys: Mail ...

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  • New on Album service!

    Set the display order of your albums, and photos in your albums

    Read more

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  • illustrationLaw information and news about the service ownCloud

    • The information law was passed in the National Assembly 15 days ago, mother Zaclys tells you more ...
    • Zaclys Mother Cloud service users: some new things to discover ...

    Read more

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  • illustrationMother Zaclys interviewed by Framasoft!

    Framasoft is a nationally renowned association dedicated to the promotion, dissemination and development of free software, the enrichment of free culture and the provision of free online services. It is therefore logical that they were interested in the services offered by Mother Zaclys.

    Read more

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  • OwnCloud 8 arrived at Mother Zaclys

    Notice to Cloud users: we went from version 7 to 8 this Wednesday, April 15 (service was unavailable much of the afternoon).

    Have your tests on this new version!

    Read more

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  • illustrationOwnCloud 8 arrives at Mother Zaclys

    Notice to users of Cloud service: we switched from v7 to v8 this Wednesday, April 15. The cloud service is available again! To your tests on this new version (8.0.2)!

    Read more

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  • The slideshow gets new skin on the side of Zaclys Album

    This will not have escaped you, Zaclys Album Was enriched last week by a new slide show more beautiful, lighter and faster than before. Still in beta, we will correct with you, the few bugs that we invite you to signal us via the Contact form . More simply, you can leave your comments as a result of this post. Thank you.

    In addition, a second phase of development has already been launched behind the scenes. It provides for the addition of advanced features. At the end of this development we want you to realize the majority of the actions specific to your photo albums directly from the slide show, for simplicity and an increased comfort of use. This involves setting up a user-friendly interface, the ability to personalize your slideshow (professional photographers will particularly appreciate) and react directly to photos shared by your friends.


    Read more

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  • The mail service has arrived!

    The mail service of Mother Zaclys is open to all members.

    Mother Zaclys

    Read more

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  • Latest news on cloud, album, servers ...

    More than 1,000 members and 10,000 users! You are more and more and more to use and plebisciter our services, thank you!

    Here is a short end-of-year ticket to wish all of you excellent holidays and give you the latest news from the projects of mother Zaclys.

    Read more

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  • OwnCloud 7.0.3 is here!

    Store, synchronize, share files, calendars and contacts freely. OwnCloud, the free alternative cloud is there for this and it is now available in its latest version at Mother Zaclys.

    Read more

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  • Mother Zaclys celebrates her 10,000th registered member!

    The 10,000th member registered with Mother Zaclys a few days ago! It is a real joy for our small association. Our services and our philosophy are of interest. The consciousness awakens and more and more people join us to taste the true freedom, the pleasure of being alone master of its data and not being a commercial target under cover of free services. It is the strength of our associative system.

    Read more

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  • 60 seconds for 1 year GOLD membership


    We need you to explain to novice members how the different (Sharing photo, sending large files, ownCloud cloud, RSS reader, USB flash drive, ...) and show how their use is simple and accessible to all. And for that the best is to make video tutorials.

    To motivate you to participate, we offer one year membership as a Gold member (or 10 GB of Cloud space) for any video retained.

    Read more

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  • FORUM: Welcome to the village square Zaclys

    It was very (very, very) long that we asked for it, finally it is there! Mother Zaclys to his Forum .

    Read more

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  • Owncloud 6, the best open-source cloud, arrives at Mother Zaclys!

    With Zaclys OwnCloud service, take advantage of a cloud hosted in France and access your data wherever you are from the web, your computer, your smartphone, your tablet.

    Share your files with confidence and simply synchronize your documents, images, music, calendars, contacts and bookmarks among all your devices.

    Read more

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  • Mother Zaclys honored

    Very nice article on and the association the mother Zaclys. Thanks to the newspaper Alsace for having appreciated our philosophy and relayed our initiative.

    Now we count on each of you to circulate this article on your social networks (using the buttons under this post). Zaclys services are still too little known to the French and we need more people to speed up the development of the site and improve each service.

    Read more

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  • Photo prints: preferential rate for members

    Are you a member? Thanks, thanks to your donation, the association can work, the site will continue and grow.

    Good reason to offer you a new member advantage ... now you get great rates on all your photos, all year round.

    Read more

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  • 2014

    Happy New Year to all!

    Read more

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  • Ho ho ho!


    In advance of his schedule, Papa Noël brought us new servers all new. You gain in speed and security. It should also make it possible to offer new services in 2014, starting with a forum for mutual aid.

    2013 was a magical year for Zaclys with:

    Read more

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  • For those who wish, you can easily and freely support the association la mother Zaclys

    In this Christmas period, many of you are shopping online ...

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  • Mother Zaclys' Cloud Service Gets Muscle!

    Our test phase of the ownCloud service is now complete. This service is plebiscite by many members (cf our Donation page ), We get it out of the beta phase to go into production on a new server.

    Read more

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  • Hello ! Hallo! Ciao! ¡Hola!

    Mother Zaclys now also speaks the language of your Anglophone, German-speaking, Italian-speaking and Spanish-speaking friends!

    Read more

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  • One million shared photos!

    That's where we spent the millions of shared photos!

    Read more

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  • Contribute, decide, enjoy!

    Joining Zaclys for many benefits and contributing to the sustainability and development of our services was already very good. But in our eyes, what matters most is that everything we undertake responds as a priority to YOUR needs. It is for this reason that from now on, when making a donation, you can also make your voice heard.

    Read more

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  • Zaclys offers gold to primary schools

    We have made the decision toschoolPrimary desire, a gold access to enjoy free of all functions offered by mother Zaclys.

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  • illustrationShare your photos now!

    Because life is too short to waste our time behind a computer screen, Mother Zaclys has spent the last few weeks fighting the time wasting. It's easy and fast!


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  • Video favorites

    We know that our modern lives are hard and harassing. And sometimes it rains!
    In such moments, it is important to be able to combine the useless with the pleasant and for this reason you will find here on this blog, at an almost unbridled rate, our video favorites, of which here is the first:

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  • Send large files by email, it's possible!

    do you know that Zaclys Is not only a site of Photo sharing ? Do you know that you can also use it to send your large files by email with ease?

    With your usual e-mail, you have probably already Problem of sending large or too many files to be sent all at once . You may have asked the help of the little gentleman of your entourage to compress, cut, slash, sausage your unfortunate files so that they want to pass well in the pipes of your mailbox. Or you just dropped the sending of this damn attachment. Good news, your favorite site has developed the ' Sending large files The simplest in the world!

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  • Support Zaclys, our ASSOCIATION law 1901 !!!

    We will increase our storage capacity, so if you like this site, you can help us By making a donation . Thank you !

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  • Mother Zacly goes to confession

    Hello all,

    It's been a while since she broke our feet to have a blog like everyone else's mother Zacly. Because she has things to say, show and share with her community.

    Today it is done, the bearded has finally yielded to pressure (hips) and here is the blog! Wish long life to the blog of mother Zacly!

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