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OnlyOffice / Collaborative work and online publishing of documents are you interested?

We plan to buy the OnlyOffice software to complete our Cloud service: you can then directly edit your documents from your browser (online edition) and work on several at the same time and remotely on the same text document or workbook (work collaborative).

Consult the latest news

How much does it cost ?

After a few weeks of "commercial" negotiations with our friends from Onlyoffice, the price of a license adapted to our use exceeds 5,000 euros / year for 250 simultaneous connections or 20 euros per user per year.
This exceeds our initial budget (1 500 euros) which would have allowed you to offer this service for free.

The association will take care of a part of the investment (1 500 euros therefore) and the necessary computer resources so that everything is hosted with us in the same ethics and the same respect for your private life as for all our services.

After discussion at the office of the association, for those who wish to use this additional service, we will ask you a participation of 15 € per year.

Concretely and clearly:

- which does not change: you always join the association for 10 € per year, which entitles you to 10GB of space on the cloud service AND on the mail service, and unrestricted access to other services (album, sending etc).

- Then if you activate the cloud service (in "my profile" on our main site), you will have the choice between the current server "nextcloud" or a new server "nextCloud + OnlyOffice".
The latter will be accessible only if you make an additional donation of 15 euros, or 25 euros in total per year (2 euros per month) for membership to the association + the OnlyOffice option

In both cases you have access to 10 GB of space with your annual membership on the cloud server of your choice, and you can at any time add space via an additional donation (1 GB / 1 year / 1 euro) .

Are you leaving or not?

Closed survey.

To test and find out more, read also:


# 15 march: survey results!

- You were about 500 to participate in the survey with + 170 positive responses . Thank you !

- And you are many (its) to answer no if you can not invite free collaborators to make editing online, it is planned! cf.

- Finally a clarification because you often ask the question: libreoffice / collabora is not more free and free than onlyoffice: the 2 solutions offer a free and free version of their tool (CODE for freeoffice) ... which are limited to 20 users! They also have editions for use "intranet" that are + or - free / flexible / accessible, but ditto it is not adapted to our needs.


# And what are we doing now?,p125,580

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  • by tito (Zaclynaute) - 24/05/2018 08:27


    c'est parti ! nous avons acheté et installé la licence onlyoffice , et les branchements sur "mon profil" onglet "cloud" sont terminés.

    merci pour vos retours,p125,582

  • by tito (Zaclynaute) - 07/05/2018 19:29

    @Oliiive : c'était justement le but du sondage ;) vérifier s'il y avait suffisamment de personnes intéressées à ce prix pour autofinancer la licence logicielle et la réponse est oui.

  • by Oliiive (Zaclynaute) - 06/05/2018 07:12

    Perso je ne paierais ni n'utiliserais ces services. C'est un prix assez élevé je trouve... Mais je ne suis pas au courant des tarifs actuels... Tant que cela ne vous mette pas dans le rouge (si seuls 50 personnes utilisent ce service, cela ne vous fait une rentrée que de 750 euros..

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